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Clean Install for Vuze on Linux
Does anyone know where I can find a clean install for Vuze on Linux?  I downloaded and thankfully I installed it on a clean VM.  After the install, my browser was redirected to Yahoo! (Yuck!), AdBlock, Ghostery, BitDefender, HTTPSeverywhere, and others were disabled, plus a couple of new extensions were installed I had never heard of.  I'm not sure what other malware may have been installed on the system itself, that was bad enough.  I blew off the VM since it was probably corrupted.

So, anyone else have experience with Vuze downloads?  I used to have a clean Vuze install and got by on regular updates of the jar file through the Beta program, so no malware.  Is malware the norm now?  If so, I will declare Vuze useless and move elsewhere.  Not worth the hassle.  It used to be a great product.
The linux tar only contains Vuze.  It has no offers, toolbars, ads or anything like that.

Try it again on a different VM.
I apologize.  I must have downloaded from somewhere else.  Vuze came up cleanly.

Now to start the process of transferring torrents over to Vuze, again.

Is there vuze plus for windows then, after subscribing I was unable to download vuze plus for linux, I came up as a button, but would only come up with a 404 error when I tried to download. The regular VuzeInstaller.tar.bz2 has no "Activate Vuze" button anywhere as far as I can tell.
There is no Vuze Plus for Linux - it is only available on Windows/Mac
Fair Enough, now that I have subscribed is there any way to stop the adware message asking me to subscribe?
Follow the instructions regarding disabling the 'Promo View' here"
Thanks,already gone.. Much Apprec.

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