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Chat: Public spawning in
Since the update we're all aware of the chime.  Fine, I easily disable the noise.  but why is Vuze creating a chat box for each torrent I use.  I clicked the blinking green talk bubble and at least 20 or so boxes popped up.  One for every torrent I downloaded.  Is there a way to prevent vuze from creating these chat windows?  Also I tend to use the Classic UI.
when you have outstanding messages for various chats, double-clicking opens all those chats

if you want to select which to open then right-click the icon and you get to decide
Not quite the answer I was looking for.  Seems a functionality in one of the plugins was turned on during the update last week.  That chime everyone is bugging out about is only a symptom.  

The answer can be found .  The answer is: Tools->Plugins->Friends (and Tools->Options->Plugins->Friends (to enable/disable the feature).

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