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Changes to download behavior in V5.7.5.0/4 az3
Upgraded yesterday, and was not a transparent upgrade...after upgrade there was some mention, iirc, of a java issue--can't remember what. So, I uninstalled and did a clean install. The UI seems to have changed a bit, but the downlaod behavior changed, I think?
In the past, searching on an item brought the results window and all that was required to start the download process going was double clicking on an item. 
Now, double clicking does nothing but highlight an item. It seems what is now required is to highlight, then right click on the highlighted item, save the url to clipboard, then click Open Torrent, paste from clipboard, then OK and the process begins. Am I missing something here? It sure was a lot easier to just double click on a found item. A switch to do that?

How about clicking on the 'Download' link in the 'Actions' column?
(03-03-2017, 03:03 PM)'parg' Wrote: How about clicking on the 'Download' link in the 'Actions' column?

ah, sorry. The ACTION column was missing in the new install, but is there now--I added it, complete with download AND details, and they work fine.

My Vuze has changed since update an now whatever Torrent I select i get a dialogue box that says could not open 12345678.torrent  it is does not appear to be a torrent file.  This happens with every torrent i select.  Was all perfect yesterday.  I have done a clean intall.  NOT FIXED

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Would not it be a problem in Extratorrent? Try to go directly to the site and open the torrent or the magnet.
I'm encountering a similar problem with my subscriptions. The RSS feed I have contains an "&" character but it's appearing as "& #38;" without the space and it's not being handled properly. If you right click on the Download or Details link, copy the URL paste it somewhere to see if it looks correct and works in a browser.

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