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Change memory limits on macOS without "accept incoming network connections" on start?
Hi everyone.

I would like to change Vuze's Java memory settings on macOS (10.12.2). According to the wiki one must edit the Info.plist contained within Inside it, after the VMOptionArray key there is a string with the -Xmx256m value, which if I change to -Xmx512m should double the maximum heap size.

After saving the setting, each time I launch Vuze I get a dialogue asking the following: ‘Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?’. This happens independently of what answer I choose and despite the application being already whitelisted within the system's firewall settings. Deleting the application's permission in the firewall's settings does not help (it gets recreated but nothing changes). Disabling the firewall would get rid of the prompt but it is not something that I want to do.

One approach I have used with other programs with the same problem is to sign the application. However, when I launch the codesign command on (both with the "sudo codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/" approach and with the "sudo codesign --force --sign - /Applications/" one) I get an error. Running "codesign --verify /Applications/" also gives an error (a different one depending on whether Info.plist has been edited or not). I have not tried creating a certificate with which to sign to see if that would make a difference because I have the hunch that it won't (perhaps someone can tell me I am wrong).

Does anybody have any other suggestions to overcome this minor annoyance?

Instead of editing the plist, you can add the -Xmx=512m to
(create the file if it doesn't exist) in
~/Library/Application Support/Vuze/
(where ~ is /Users/<Yourusername>/)

You can verify the value was applied with the "Azureus Monitoring Plugin"
Great advice! It seems to have worked like a charm. Thank you very much!

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