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"Change destination for X items" when adding disappeared in vuze beta
In the current release version, when adding torrent there is an option to select X files and change their destination to the same folder (it was called "change destination for these X items" or something like that, right after "change destination" in context menu). After updating to this option disappeared. This option is rather useful (let's say the torrent has a subfolder like "Images", but I want it to be called "Kitty photos" or whatever, this option together with "select all files in <subfolder>" allowed to quickly do just that), so if it's removed by mistake, it'd be nice to have it back.

The problem seems to only exist when seeding mode is chosen. This leads to thoughts that this might be intentional, but I can't see any reason why would it be.

Vuze info:
Java 1.8.0_51 (64 bit)
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows 8.1 v6.3, amd64
V5.6.2.1_B40/4 az2
Hmm, it is still there for me. Don't think anything changed recently that would affect that... It says 'change destination of <n> files to same folder'
I recently updated the post that this only manifests itself when choosing seeding mode for torrent (change mode first, then try to change destination)

And I'm not actually sure that this started between the last release and the B40, I might just have not run into it earlier

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