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Cap at seeding
Hi there,

Someone just recommended Vuze to me, but when I realized there's no option to cap my ratio for seeding, I decided for forgot the software.

Is there any way you can add this feature?

I have never used it, but in the Vuze options/preferences, under Queue->Seeding->Ignore Rules there is the possibility of ignoring torrents based on a share ratio. Apparently ignored torrents go to the bottom of the seeding queue and do not get automatically started. Isn't that close to what you are looking for? If it doesn't do what you wish, perhaps being more specific might make it easier for others to point you in the right direction.

Wow, the forum logged me in so fast I didn't think I was logged in LOL I use LastPass & usually it takes forever.

You misunderstood me :) I don't want to move anything anywhere, I want to be able to cap how long it seeds for (the ratio) so once it hits that ratio it stops seeding.

I'm using QBittorent & it has all these features, but there's times when I X out of it that it doesn't actually completely X out & the guy who developed it doesn't respond back to me anymore, so when my website coder mentioned Vuze, I thought I'd DL it. But this one feature is a deal breaker.

Thanks & have a lovely day.
There are a number of ways of achieving this

1) globally - Tools->Options->Queue->Seeding: Ignore torrents that have a share ratio of [enter desired ratio here]
2) tag - see - there is a per-download ratio and a tag-aggregate ratio
3) download - See Options tab of a Download's details, or enable the 'target share ratio' column and use right-click context menu

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