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Can't seed due to firewall
Hi! I'm using my vuze client from within a firewalled network. Unfortunately the firewall is not under my control so i can not open a port for incoming connections (and the network admin doesn't want to..) => no seeding possible.. interestingly vuze is somehow capaple to seed on imcomplete torrents (maybe because it uses open connections to sources??)

My question: is there a possibility to tell vuze to open seeding connections actively instead of just listening for new connections by other clients (which will never arrive..)?
You can still seed if you are not connectible/have not forwarded a port.

It is just that you will only be able to seed to another peer who is connectible and it will take longer before you start seeding.

If you are not connectible no there is no possibility to get Vuze (or any other torrent client) to initiate connections.  If you are not connectible all connections must be initiated by a connectible peer.

I do not know how much detail you want so ask questions if you have any.  There is a lot of stuff I am glossing over.

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