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Can't connect to peers (blue smiley)
Hi everyone!

Not that long ago I decided to create my own torrent and upload it to a website. Everything went smoothly at first. I forwarded a port, I made sure my firewall didn't block said port and sure enough, I got some downloads. However, for some odd reason, at this point I'm unable to upload my own torrent...

It says 3 seeders are present (I'm one of them) yet none are connected. I also get this blue smiley telling me I can't connect to any peers 0_0

The weird thing is, when I run a NAT test the UPD is always up and running. My TCP however sometimes says: NAT - OK! and sometimes says there's something wrong: connection to ..... closed - end of stream during read. The weird part is that sometimes it says: NAT -OK! Congratulations! You fixed it!   But then I run the test again aaaaand: nope.

I use a dutch ISP called Ziggo. From what I understand Ziggo tends to block torrents or something? I've spend 3 days looking on the internet on how to solve this, but I can't do this on my own anymore :(  I even tried forwarding a different port but without succes.

So to sum it all up: port forwarded (check), made sure firewall did not block port (check), changed all my settings in vuze so that it uses said port (check), however, I still get that damn blue smiley!

Also, the tracker says: OK (UDP Probe).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


P.S. I'm not sure if this is important, but when I go to sources in my torrent, it says: incomming - Current: TCP=0, UDP=0; Total ever=0

Also the tracker is online, peer chache used=0
HTTP seeds = unavailable
DHT = disabled
LAN. waiting
PEX connected to 2 peers (pending pex =0 other=0

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