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Burning not working correctly?
Ok so i burnt several dvds but they dont play. Never did anything differently than usual, though i did get the beta due to a different problem of queuing conversions. I used dvd+r discs that generally tend to work out ok. At the end of each it popped up with the message saying it was done, no mention of errors etc. It seems to be getting more and more common with errors and failures but not sure whether its down to vuze or my computer. if anyone can help or point me in the right direction then that would be great. Burnt another one off just before typing this and its worked ok so extra puzzled now??

EDIT: I just tried the dvds that didnt work on my dvd player in my pc, they work on that but when put into a dvd player the dvd player tries to load then says no disc. dont know if that makes a difference or helps? If any other information or test can help just shout me.

Burnt off a copy of one of the faulty ones to check if it was the conversion also, but that worked ok.

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