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Bug in RSS Feed Scanner plugin
Please add support for TLS v1.2 with SNI encryption. When the scanner attempts to download a file from a site using TLS with SNI required by Cloudfare), it throws a fatal internal_error. Right-clicking the feed to copy the link to the clipboard and pasting it into the Vuze Open dialog fails as well with versions lower than 5.7.0. Version 5.7.0 of Vuze handles the links fine.

10:32:14.004 3 stderr Received fatal alert: internal_error
10:32:14.020 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.036 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.051 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.067 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.082 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.098 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.113 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.128 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.144 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.159 3 stderr at Source)
10:32:14.174 3 stderr at org.kmallan.azureus.rssfeed.Downloader.init(
10:32:14.189 3 stderr at org.kmallan.azureus.rssfeed.TorrentDownloader.getTorrent(
10:32:14.204 3 stderr at org.kmallan.azureus.rssfeed.TorrentDownloader.addTorrent(
10:32:14.219 3 stderr at org.kmallan.azureus.rssfeed.TorrentDownloader.addTorrent(
10:32:14.235 3 stderr at org.kmallan.azureus.rssfeed.TorrentDownloader.addTorrent(
10:32:14.250 3 stderr at org.kmallan.azureus.rssfeed.TorrentDownloader$
I've released version 1.4.20 with an attempted fix - you'll need to join the Beta Program ( to get it.

Tell me how it works out.
(01-12-2016, 11:14 AM)'parg' Wrote: I've released version 1.4.20 with an attempted fix - you'll need to join the Beta Program ( to get it.

Tell me how it works out.


Thank you, I will try it out.
Bingo! It worked fine. Thanks a lot for the quick response.
no problem!
This version is only available to beta users? Will have to use the latest stable version?
Should now be available to all 5700
BUG: TV Show episode duplication

If you have a search such as:

and the rss feed has

find this show s01e01
networkname find this show s01e01
(in this case both are exact same episodes, except some include network name, Such as Marvels Avengers Assemble and others just post as Avengers Assemble)

both will be downloaded and in history > info look like

Filter matched: 'Find This Show' Type: TVShow - Find This Show Ep 1x01
Filter matched: 'Find This Show' Type: TVShow - Networkname Find This Show Ep 1x01

As both were triggered off the filter "Find This Show" it should have considered 'networkname......" as history, correct?

I believe in version and older it would have considered second entry history. If correct, this behavior started between and 1.4.19

Any chance on correcting this?

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