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Bound VPN problem
I'm creating a new post for this as my issue does not appear to be 100% the same as other VPN problems listed here.

My VPN is Ipredator and I use Viscosity to connect running on win 7.

Everything has been working fine for years.

Not used the PC for a couple of months. Got updates for both Vuze, and Viscosity (to use new version of Open VPN).

Vuze is bound to eth5 for the VPN, which shows the correct IP address.

Everything appears to show OK for the torrents, and they start as expected. But then instead of the speed going up, it goes down ( 1kbs an under ).

No problem with Vuze using my standard ISP connection.
No problem with my VPN and Viscosity using another torrent client.

The problem seems to be with Vuze and the new version of Open VPN.

Any help much appreciated in getting things back to normal, in the meantime I'll soldier on with another client
Could you check if the adapter you've bound Vuze to actually exists before you start the VPN? What options does the "bind to adapter" dialog present before you have started the VPN?
Sorry for the delay in reply - I'd sort of given up getting any response ( and I didn't get an email notification the thread had been updated).

Yes its there : eth5 (Viscosity Virtual Adapter V9.1)

This shows before connection to the VPN, and even if Viscosity itself is not running.

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