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Bind local IP
I use PIA (and a mac) and want to bind my IP so the connection drops and it stops downloading if my VPN drops. I've read about a million things on how to do it and can't figure it out. 
I know I need to enforce local IP bindings, I just cant figure out which one to put as my IP interface. 

I've attatched a picture of what it comes up with, but from what I've read, none of them are the one to connect through the VPN. I've checked and my SOCKS is working, and when I check with "what's my torent IP" it's diffrent to my normal IP, so it's usually working, I just want it to drop when it stops working.

Any help as to what to do/which one to use would be greatley apreciated. :)

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Having the same issue. My list below the "Bind to Local IP" box looks like this, and none of those numbers match the IP address my local VPN is using. I can't tell what to put in the box.
Example:;eth0;eth1[2] will bind the specified IP, to all IPs of the 1st interface and the 3rd IP of the 2nd interface.
The 1st IP will be used for all services, all others are only used for load balancing[Image: arrow-10x10.png].
The following interfaces are available:
    lo0    (lo0)
        lo0[0]    fe80:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%1
        lo0[1]    0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
    utun0    (utun0)
    en1    (en1)
        en1[0]    fe80:0:0:0:226:bbff:fe04:86c2%5
Does anyone have answers? Thanks in advance.
I do not have a Mac, but i believe I can help.  Follow the instructions on the PIA website to install the OpenVPN software for Mac (Tunnelblic).  Bind Vuze to "utun0".

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