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Better peering
Hi to all. Look please screen -

I think Vuze should much better getting peers even for all stopped torrents? Anyone, Paul?
Welcome to Forums!

Simply put, if there are no peers available, no client is going to be able to magically create them, the same with seeds.

Looking at your screen shot, it would appear that you are trying to download some rather unique torrents.  this may be the reason why you see very few seeds or peers.  Additionally, they may be old torrents.  Torrents slowly atrophy over time as many people lose interest or delete files to conserve space on their computers.

There is also the possibility that something on your computer is blocking them, such as a firewall of IP filtering.  For the most part, you should be able to get an idea of the number of seeds and peers available from your meta search, where they are enumerated.  Some clients way over exaggerate their number for an unknown reason to me.  ExtraTorrent is famous for this.

I have never found Vuze to be the problem when it comes to seeds and peers; it has always been an external factor.  If they are available and you have the bandwidth, Vuze will grab them.  If there is nothing to grab, you may have to wait until there is.

You will not be able to get seeds  if no one's seeding them. The same applies to peers. Also, as a rule, the common the file, the more chances you have of getting more peers or seeds. And this applies to all the clients and is not exclusive to Vuze. Seeds and peers are what make it P2P.
Sorry, but I disagreed with you twos, because for example I was tried Tixati, and it was even successfully downloaded what have been cannot in Vuze and stayed months without luck?

In addition, I think this is completely abnormally which fullness of peers waites more than >1-2 hrs.

By the way, Paul, can you please revoke this 'aggressively auto-mem', or maybe make it switchable? 'Cause I can't work with that with my predefined settings of Azureus.exe.vmoptions.
Then by all means, use Tixati.  Just letting you know that Vuze cannot grab what it does not see.
Once again sorry, - - what this actually means and what is going on with Vuze?

G:\Azureuscc - is just Vuze's folder, but now is just 546 torrents is out with errors?

What I was made, I just updated swt and started Java 1.9 ea+ instead Java 8, is that causes this?
Paul, I actually need any good and quick fixes for this situation, because it's a pain restore all that 547 torrents, and even this is impossible, because I need know all unique pathes for every particular torrent. And that can be going further and count of broken torrents can be extending, while you didn't fix this problem.
I have no idea what you did to create that, and, frankly, I do not understand what you are trying to do.  If you are trying to get rid of all the results, right click the subscription and mark them as read or delete the results.

I assume English is your second language(which is a lot better than any second language of mine :) ), so I am not quite understanding your predicament.  Your torrents are all saved in your torrent file and can be added by going there and double clicking.

Please excuse me for not understanding.
That 547 torrents have changed with path of G:\Azureuscc\XX, so, I have no idea what you actually didn't understand, hope Paul and others unlike you one understand my biggest problem requiring the best solution by best of software devs.
I know how frustrated you are feeling right now.  After over 10 years of using Vuze, I have had my share of issues.   If you want Paul (who is Paul?) to address your issue, I will bow out.

Good luck.
It's strange that you didn't know who is Paul, he is actively writing right here on forums.
Parg yes, Paul no.  Have never seen a Paul in 10 years, so I guess it is not so strange.
Actually you should love-defend or what you are doing my important the problem instead of Paul or parg. 

Meanwhile, there are also additionally others broken pathes - - this behavior was seen a long time before by me.

In addition I was today switched to server JRE 1.8 with follow arguments in .vmoptions file


And now for some reason, maybe server JRE causes, status of downloading state didn't saving, for example I setting up tons of torrents of specific tag to usual seeding instead of Force Seeding, and it won't, after restart it still Force Seeding.
Paul, can you please test server JRE, latest B_121 - after correct closing states including downloaded torrents won't saves.

I've moving to 5720 version, this past version also much lightweight and solid compared to latest, but this issue with do-not-saving of states of lot of things. Maybe with server JRE that should be so, or maybe issue causes with some of specific local problem?

I've also fixed torrents with broken pathes of data, I just did Move Data Files to correct G:\ path, that broken path of G:\Azureuscc by the bye indicated that all torrents was located on G:\ drive.
My problems still unresolved?

Firstly, better peering as I said because TIxati for example did successfully download what Vuze was not.  

Secondly, some delays before Vuze saves all states.

And another thing-suggestion, can Vuze do selecting any torrents from existing list of completed torrents in order to create built-in multi-pathed torrents which Vuze support? Or maybe I should add this suggestion to ideas site?
Maybe no response because it is difficult to understand your english and when someone does respond, you berate them when they try to help with an answer to a question they cannot understand. 

By all means, stick with Tixati, if it does what you want.

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