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Beta Testing Leap Suggestions
Hello Vuze Leap Team,

I was sent and invitation to Beta Test the new Leap and directed to this forum to leave my comments. Here are a few suggestions I have. They may or may not be pending upon release of the final version but it never hurts to direct your attention anyway.

1. Additional Torrent Adjustment Settings. This is most likely something you are already doing but, the previous version had a lot more options (such as NAT testing and such.) I didn't use these all the time but they were critical when I needed them.

2. Torrent View Customization. The view I have of the torrent page is enormous right now. I would like to be able to reduce the space used on my desktop by condensing the downloading / seeding torrents view.

3. Set Download Folder Issue. This folder always returns to the default Vuze folder when I restart the program which, needless to say, becomes quite tiresome after a while.

4. Files become "stuck." This may be a Windows problem but, when the torrents are finished and I go to move them, I get a message saying they are "in use" and cannot be moved.

5. Confusing Wording. When the programs says, "Are you sure you want to delete this TORRENT?" I sometime assume it means the actual torrent (.torrent) and not the finished file. 

6. FIND Trouble.
a) The ribbed circular graphic in the "find torrents" bar never stops spinning even after all the torrents it's gonna find have come up. Makes me think it's still searching.
b) The “ALL” tab locates files wonderfully but the other tabs do not pull up torrents even when the ALL tab clearly shows that there are video, audio and document content.




Hello and thank you for the feedback!

1. This is the first version of Leap :). We are considering many advanced options but also thinking about how to introduce them so that new users aren't overwhelmed. The ideal setup is for Leap to configure whatever it needs to automatically and require minimal interaction from the user.
2. This is planned.
3. We fixed this and the new build is available. We will push it in the next update.
4. Investigating this.
5. We will change the wording on that feature, thanks for the suggestion.
a. The animation should stop when the results have been loaded(5 seconds maybe). Does it spin endlessly for you?
b. Working on improving this.

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