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Beta: Remove Top Folder Name not working
After searching for how to remove the top folder name, something that plagues every single torrent application except that thing that was once usable, I found that azureus was going to add it to v5.4.0.1, so I promptly joined the beta program to be disappointed yet again.

All I did was try to save a torrent with a top folder to the root of my HD and BOOM, no top folder removed [img=32x16]cry_smile.gif ...

Any help or I just wait?
In the open-torrent-options dialog did you right-click on a file in the files area and select the 'remove top level folder' option?
Yes. Didn't work then, doesn't work now.
Sorry for now pointing that out in the OP post but I did click in the add torrent files section of the dialog.

BTW, I noticed you're the dev for the new option in the changelogs and I've always wondered why is it so rare for a torrent program to have it. Is it the popularity, or lack there of? Or it gets tricky to implement such a thing after years of coding that something seemingly so easy to do, gets really complicated?
Thanks for doing this and want to say that azureus used to be able to do this years ago (like v2 or something), just don't remember. :D
meh, ok, something's got borked - for me its removing the top level folder ok but then replacing it with another folder - I'll check it out (might have got broken when the 'ctrl+space' auto-suggest stuff was added)

One of the main reasons its never been a priority for me to remove the top level folder is that multi-file torrents often have common file names in them 'README.TXT' etc, so removing the top level folder automatically can cause name clashes. Obviously its not technically a huge thing to do (then again, the fact that its broken isn't encouraging :)

I'll look into it
I played about with things a bit... There is an issue with removing the top level folder when already saving to a file system root that is tricky to solve. 

For example, if you have a multifile torrent with the top level folder being X and a file inside it Y.TXT you normally start off with a save location of

<save_dir>\X\Y.txt    (for Windows)

If save_dir is a root, say C:\, then this would be


If you want to remove X and end up with 


then this causes problems. Its not that the technical problem is hard, it is caused by the fact that the original developers didn't anticipate this feature and there's lots of code (some that I know of, some that I probably don't) that assumes that there is always a containing folder between the root and the torrent data. 

So save locations are managed as a pair: ( parent folder, data save location relative to parent )

The current implementaiton of 'remove parent folder' is a hack that takes the existing pair (A, B ) and replaces this with ( parent(A), A ). This works when A has a parent but fails when it doesn't.

Things do seem to work OK at the moment for the non-system-root case though.
Yeah, as long as you not get files saved to your drive root, it seems to be working.

Thanks for the hard work!

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