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Ban/Unban Ips Where did unban option go in vuze
Well I wanted to ask the question where did the ban unban area in status bar gone.

I looked everywhere online

My problem was, I was looking for the status bar area to unban ips.
looked on the forum.Nothing

I looked at the help wiki which mentioned its in the status bar area and it showed a image of the bar with the filter areae on it and mine didnt have that So it told me i needed it but not where to find the ipfilter area.
i looked on the status bar of the Vuze and nothing no filter area.

So i look in the options area

There it is but only if you want to enable it or add ip filter lists, or to determine how much data thats sent as junk before automatically baning ips

NOT A SIGN OF THE status bar area to block / unblock ips.

Just as i started to write this i looked at two things that finally gave me the answer
the first one is the actual main area to find the ip filter banning area to clear bans.

This is located on the
Vuze menu bar under the
Tools menu
then click on IpFilter.

Now thats fine you can delete / clear the ip bans that are in there but its not convenient so the second place that I found was more helpful, In

Vuze Menu bar under the
View Menu
then hover over the
Staus menu it then expands and you find
ipfilter Stats menu item it wont be checked if its not in the status bar
So click that and look at the status bar and its there

So simple but never found it in any manual online but its out there maybe?
i forgot how to find it till now but where is documentation mentioning it?

I just thought i would post this maybe someone can find this if they cant find the ip filter area in the program like i couldnt.

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