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BUG: Search For Existing Files... deletes matches! (DATA LOSS)
I've discovered a rather serious bug in the "Search For Existing Files..." feature, as it exists in (I was sort of in disbelief that what I'd seen could actually be occurring, so I repeated the process a second time and confirmed that what I'm about to describe is accurate.)

The process of discovering matching files for the torrent all goes smoothly: Stop the torrent (if active), choose "Search For Existing Files..." and give it a directory to search via the file chooser, the log window appears detailing the files examined and which (if any) are matched, and the torrent's file list is updated to point to the new location for those files.

The problem occurs when any of the matched files are set to priority Delete in the torrent. If this is the case, then Vuze will respect that flag, and the moment the torrent is restarted the just-matched files will all be DELETED from their source location!

Now, it goes without saying that the point of matching existing files is never to delete them, and that Vuze should set any matches to priority "Do Not Download" when it updates the torrent's file list. But, it appears that this is not occurring, at least in, making it all too easy to accidentally wipe out large amounts of data simply by matching on priority-Delete files.

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