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Azexec (command runner)
I am having strange problems with a complex batch command I run to using azexec (command runner) plugin.
Can someone please run this  test batch file and tell me if they can reproduce this problem?

Install plugin azexec (command runner) , goto to Option|Plugins|Command Runner
Create a file azexec.bat containing this: at add it to command line it will run when torrent finishes:

  start "" notepad
  echo on
  start "" calc
  echo test
When a download complete you shoud see a notepad window, a calculator window AND the cmd file should pause.  I find that "echo on" crashes the script and I have no idea why. The "pause" does occur even afer "echo on" is taken out.
  • Install plugin azexec (command runner) , goto to Option|Plugins|Command Runner
  • Set "command" to  "azexec.bat"  and it will run when torrent finishes.
  • Add a new torrent with several small files (eg some mp3) and set just one file to download
  • When it completes the command will run
  • To repeat test pick another file and change it priority to download
Does "Force use of Java's way of creating processes" option make any difference to your test result?


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