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Availale Bandwidth - Setting Upload Limit
Dear People [img=66x30]regular_smile.gif,

I am interested in tech and learn ok -  but no expert. I live in a share house where the router supports 4 users. I have done regular speed tests and determined the upload result is around 100 K/Bs. Therefore, to allow other people to do their thing, I have limited my upload speed to 20 K/Bs. Invariably when there are issues,  I get told that my P2P will claim the entire upload bandwidth. In other words, though I'm seeding up at 20 K/Bs, I'm told this technology claims all that is available.
In an nutshell, when I set the upload for a specific rate, will Vuze use that, or is my flatmate right in saying that it will claim the lot and leave not uploads for others on the network.

BTW, I'm a great seeder and where can give back more than what I takes - where possible.

I thank you all for your time. I've researched this first, as best I can, and can not see that indeed torrent clients will take all available uploads.

Thank You
2 Wheels
I would be doing a speed test to see what your upload limit is and then divide by the number of computers using the net and set your download at that.
If your total upload is say, 200kbs then set yours for 40-50kbs? Trial and error would help too.

In Vuze, click help/Speed test and follow the instructions. It's worth a try.

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