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Automatically remove torrents from library after reaching seeding ratio?
I want to remove torrents from the Vuze library (but leave the data files intact and in place) after they have reached their seeding ratio and have stopped seeding. I can't seem to find a way to do this. I've googled, searched the forums, look at settings, etc. It's the last piece of the puzzle for automating my torrents so that I don't have to do very much maintenance of the setup. Can you help?
You can almost do it with Tags ( - arrange for your completed downloads to be auto-assigned to a tag (e.g. using a constraint like 

isGE( shareratio, 0.5 )

) and then set the Tag's limit under tag settings to 1 and set the removal policy to 'remove from library' (or maybe better 'archive')

Unfortunately '0' means 'unlimited' so you would always have the most recently seeded torrent left.
I set my limit to 5 and the policy to archive, but they just sit there for days until I manually archive them.
Oh! Should I set the tag to stop the torrent?
Yes, having the tag stop the torrent allowed them to be auto archived.
(11-05-2016, 07:40 AM)'Flinxxx' Wrote: Yes, having the tag stop the torrent allowed them to be auto archived.

Would be great if you posted how you had the tag stop the torrent.
Use the 'execute on assign' Tag action to Stop the torrent when it gets assigned to that Tag
(04-12-2017, 10:51 AM)'parg' Wrote: Use the 'execute on assign' Tag action to Stop the torrent when it gets assigned to that Tag


Thanks for the help, but not enough for me because I don't know a bit of Java. I don't see an "execute on assign" Tag action anywhere. Please post the actual example and a simple explanation of what it does.

What I am doing is manually assigning a tag at the beginning of downloading a file and then, when it's reached it's share ratio, wanting it to be removed autmatically.
I see a lot of reference to using:

Is that a boolean expression. Am I supposed to put something between the parentheses like TRUE or FALSE?
This is what I have so far and nothing happens:

hasTag( “tagName” ) && isComplete()
I have the Scope set to Removal Only
set to 0
Removal Policy set to  Remove from Library

Also, wanted to say that the page on tags is lacking essential information.

isGE,isGT,isLE,isLT,isEQ,isNEQ - numeric comparison functions taking 2 arguments
e.g. isGE( shareratio, 0.5 )

What are those abbreviations? I put them into a search query and couldn't find a single useful reference to their meaning?
isGE - is greater or equal, isGT - is greater than, isLE - is less than or equal.... isNEQ - is not equal
Ahhh! thanks that's great. Would you respond to my other questions as well?
To set 'execute on assign' right-click on the tag in the sidebar and look at the menu
I have this working. Sort of.

Please look at the screenshot and see if it's all in order.

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202017-06-06%20at%2011.23....M.png?dl=0]

Thanks for your help. Like you stated, the only issue is there is always one torrent that doesn't get archived. It's a bit counterintuitive really:
It seems that Limit setting  0 should allow all entries to be tagged and thusly subject to the Removal policy, in this case Archived?
I find myself wishing it would work this way. Archive all torrents that meet the requirement.
Your constraint needs to be:

isComplete() && isGT( share_ratio, 0.9 )

The share ratio transfer settings should work but I recommend doing the following:
Right-click on the tag in the sidebar or in the Tags Overview to get the following menu and set 'Execute on assign' to 'stop'
[Image: 1qlafk.jpg]

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