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Anti-Virus and Vuze
I understand that Vuze Plus has a built-in antivirus protection ("based on" Bitdefender).  What does "based on" mean?  How does this compare to running Bitdefender and regular Vuze separately both for Vuze downloads and for the computer as a whole?  Does the Vuze Plus built-in antivirus protection just work for Vuze activity or does it provide protection for the whole computer?
Vuze+ AV only works for Vuze activity.  You still need another AV source to protect your computer.  Based on BitDefender means it uses BitDefender definitions and technology to check your downloaded files when completed.  In plus, the AV essentially acts as a second barrier to viruses, by scanning the file a second time (assuming you have a system AV in place).  I have my Vuze set up to move completed files to another location.  Anytime you move files or execute them, your native system AV should scan them for viruses, so I get a scan from Vuze+upon completion and then a scan from Norton.  Vuze+ only scans upon completion, NOT upon movement or execution.  Their findings have basically been congruent, both finding the same viruses.  I could be wrong, but from what I see, Norton does not scan the file until it is either moved or executed, which is one of the reasons I move the file immediately upon completion, that and I want it moved to an external drive. Having no experience with BitDefender on a system basis, I cannot comment on the efficacy of scanning the file with Vuze+ on a system that is also using BitDefender systemically, whether it is better or just redundant.. 

P2P downloading is often rife with viruses, so keep yourself protected.
That means BitDefender may have lent its tech and definitions to Vuze. But it'll only work as long as you're using Vuze. Your whole PC won't be magically safeguarded with BitDefender in this case. In case you are wondering if you should delete or call off your native or basic AV, don't do that, especially since this is only limited to Vuze. So by having a stand-alone AV, you'll be better protected from viruses and all sorts of malware, which are pretty common in torrents.
I sounds like if you are going to have only one AV, then it may be better to have BitDefender on the system and make sure you move the downloaded files to trigger a scan (the cost is similar to Vuze+).  However, if you wanted a double scan, then Vuze+ and some other system AV "may" be better.  A couple of questions:

(1) it is usually not advisable to have two AV software installed it the same time as they may not play well together.  The reason I say "may" above is would Vuze+ AV conflict with a system AV?

(2) I don't think the latest versions of BitDefender will install on 10.6.8.  Does the latest version of Vuze+ work on OSX 10.6.8?  If not, then what is the latest version of Vuze+ that works on OSX 10.6.8 and is it available?
Vuze plus is not systemic, only scans Vuze downloads, it will not interfere with your system AV.  It is not really installed.

As far as your Mac question.  I have no experience with Macs.

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