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Adding torrents with 1000's of files
I'm running the latest version of Vuze on Windows 8.1 x64. I regularly download torrents that have in excess of 80,000 files. When I add these to Vuze, the client freezes for hours at a time before it allows me to choose the destination folder. Is there anything I can do to makes this go quicker? Perhaps change some settings? 

Thank you in advance.
Hmm, I just created a torrent with 17,500 files in it as a test and when I drag+drop it to Vuze it takes a few seconds for the 'open torrent options' dialog to appear and allow me to change the save-to location. The overall torrent is only about 350MB, although not sure if that would make any difference.

If you want me to try with one of your torrents then send it over to
Thanks parg, but I can't send them over as they contain my personal PID's. I'd get banned from the tracker. You're welcome to try the torrents at [link removed, I'll PM to you] . Specifically the MAME or MESS Extras torrent. You'll have to register to get the torrents though.

OK, thanks - in the meantime you could try joining the Beta program to see if anything's been fixed recently

I know that once you have a torrent with lots of files running within Vuze the Library view's right-click menu performance has been improved
Thank you, will definitely try now!

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