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Ad installing virus
Java 1.7.0_45
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, cocoa
Mac OS X v10.9.5, x86_64
V5.6.1.2/4 az3

[Image: ktRKcE7.png]

[Image: nqcvLmd.png]
There are many malware tools available in the market, and most of them can be used to deal with malware. However, not every tool can detect and remove all types of malware threats. Hence, sometimes you need to install different tools on your PC. Below I will list several tools that I find useful in dealing with malware.

- CCleaner - CCleaner 5.21.5700[/u] - Useful tool for cleaning out all the crap that has built up on your computer from general use. This helps to decrease the amount of files that are scanned and can greatly speed up scanning.

- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -[/u] - One of the best removal tools out there right now.

- SuperAntiSpyware - SuperAntiSpyware 6.0.1224[/u] - Another great removal tool

- SuperAntiSpyware Portable Scanner! - SUPERAntiSpyware - SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner[/u] - This is the same SAS scanner and removal engine in a portable formfactor that does not require installation on the infected system. Haven't had a chance to use this in the wild yet but looks promising.

- Spybot Search & Destroy -[/u] - Yet another good removal tool. Also useful for "inoculating" your web browsers against future attacks. New version seems to be able to clean temp files that CCleaner sometimes misses and some malware that Malwarebytes missed the last time I used it.

- ComboFix - ComboFix | freeware[/u] - This is a great tool for cleaning up a system that is messed up to the point you can't run MBAM or anything else. After running this you should still run the other tools to clean up the left-overs.

- RootRepeal - rootrepeal[/u] - Rootkit removal tool. Run this when you can't get any other tool to run or install.

- TDSSKiller -[/u] - Rootkit removal tool from Kaspersky. Pretty snazzy if you ask me.

- Avira AntiVir Personal - Avira Free Antivirus[/u] - Really good free anti-virus application. Has somewhat annoying ad that pops up reminding you of all the fantastic other stuff you get it you would just buy it already. I've found this confuses and scares less savvy users that think it may be one of those fake-AV trojans.

- SpyHunter -[/u] - A powerful anti-malware program that can deal with different types of malware including Trojans, worms, viruses, browser hijackers, adware and PUPs.

- Microsoft Security Essentials - Windows | Official Site For Microsoft Windows 10 OS, Laptops, PCs, Tablets & More[/u] - Microsoft's free Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware program. Has gotten great reviews and I've been using it on systems instead of Avira. Doesn't catch everything but neither does Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, ESET, Avira, Avast, Panda, Trend, etc . . .

- Avira AntiVir System Rescure CD - Free Downloads of Avira Antivirus Software & Utilities[/u] - Linux Boot CD that has Avira AntiVir anti-virus/anti-malware software with latest definitions preloaded. Download and burn to a CD and boot your computer from it to do some scanning and removing action.
fake update pop up.
Update Vuze - their are no external ads shown in that area in the latest version (some of which misbehaved due to issues with the third-party ad provider that was used)

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