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90 mins to start up Vuze, help!
Java 1.7.0_76
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows 8 v6.2, amd64
V5.6.1.2/4 az3

Hello Vuze community! :)

Running Windows 8.1. 

I have a lot of books, about 2,000 and since the upgrade, everything has been starting up so much faster.

Usually it's 15 mins for startup but all of a sudden Vuze is now taking 90 mins to two hours to start up. It is checking every single file, allocating, initializing, waiting for other torrents to other words, driving me insane with this startup time. 

atm: initializing 300 files. 

Any ideas on how to fix this? 

I just tried to generate a log report and Vuze crashed. Great. 

To my knowledge, I haven't done anything to warrant this sudden and dramatic change in Vuze. 

Any help will be gratefully received, thank you, all.
Have you tried uninstall antivirus, if you have it, and even firewall, and then look thing become better?

Actually, that's why, exactly described you're situation, I didn't using antivirus software.
Thank you, fields for your reply! :)

I have tried uninstalling my antivirus, disabling firewall and malwarebytes but none of it has helped. I don't know what else to do  but thank you very much for the advice. 

Thank you all for your assistance. Have a great day, fields! 

Anyone else had the same problems or know how to fix it? I'm thinking of trying VuzeBeta just to see if that might help. 

Kind Regards
You're can also give me or someone else remote access, say, through Team Viewer, then we can take a look.
Increase your memory setting. For 2000 torrents you want it to be in the roughly 768MB range.

On *nix and Mac you have to edit a configuration file.

I am not sure how to do that on Windows but I think it is a setting in the application (on Mac it would be called a preference setting I'm not exactly sure what it would be called on Windows.).
Hi! You can place to the one single folder files from known two folders, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Azureus" & "C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Azureus", say, to "Azureusc", then specify a path to this folder in "Azureus.exe.vmoptions" file, say, "D:\Azureusc", e.g. "-Dazureus.config.path=D:\Azureusc\\".

Then put this two files to obtained unified folder "Azureusc" - Azureus.exe.vmoptions & java.vmoptions.

Edit "java.vmoptions" file and point a path to "Azureus.exe.vmoptions" file, specifically "-include-options D:\Azureusc\Azureus.exe.vmoptions", and you're done.

You can edit all this files in Notepad++ app, for example.

Finally, as GaryE mentioned, change values of "-Xms" & "-Xmx" & "-XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=" settings in "Azureus.exe.vmoptions" file according to your board-system's memory amount. For example, I've 8 GB overall PCs memory amount, then I take a look to free memory after all, say, not less 1,3 GB (check out Cacheman app for free memory indication in the system tray, I'm too on Win 8.1), also I've 2885 torrents total, 90% of active of them about, somewhere about, simply put. Just tune this settings, and you will be fine.

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