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5.6 - how can I switch back to classic context menu?
The title says it all.

Plus, if any devs see this, there's a bug regarding the layout of the new menu.
If I right click a torrent at the bottom of the window (details minimized + in a huge list), Control and Organize are above their titles, but Content options drops below, thus the manu gets hidden behind the taskbar. See attached screen shot.

Main question still stands, how to revert back to old style menu?

Also what are Interface > Tables > Show Fancy Menu and Interface > Legacy > Use old style speed menus?

Show Fancy Menu always resets to checked state, even if I uncheck it and restart.
Speed menus (on right click context menu is always the same, the list with the slider.

Java 1.8.0_25
SWT v4508, win32
Windows 7 v6.1, amd64
V5.6.0.0/4 az3

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Turns out that the mechanism to switch back to non-fancy menus was broken (as you discovered) - it is fixed in 5601_B03 (see , along with the positioning of the menu when near the bottom of the display.

The old-style speed menu only applies to the status bar speed menu's I'm afraid.

Sorry about that and thanks for reporting
I was looking for opinions of Vuze 5.6 and bundled software when I read the vuze wiki and saw this issue. I'm going to stick with 5.5 until the interface issue is fixed and the bundled software is actually not installed without exception. Not to mention that to opt out of beta you have to reinstall program.

I really hope u can make the installer continue when u select not to install your partner software, cause in the meantime I've turned of Vuze's auto-update.

Utorrent has lost alot of users for backdoor bitcoin mining, and potentially you could get more users for the program but not if in your own installer u leave no option but to install additional programs (whatever they are) or not upgrade at all.
Not sure what you mean - if you deselect the offers during installation they won't be installed - show me evidence of otherwise please!
(03-10-2015, 08:28 PM)'parg' Wrote: Not sure what you mean - if you deselect the offers during installation they won't be installed - show me evidence of otherwise please!

The install is convoluted.  From what I remember you have to select one circle option or the other and untick stuff (after going to customised install) but its unclear wether clicking next at this point (on the second option) will not install the "other software".  I tried cancel but its cancels the whole update, which in hind sight was a bit of luck.

I'm not going to give evidence one way or the other.  Its your installer which is unclear on wether it will decide to install additional software or not.  The onus is on you to make it clear on if u want to opt in or opt out. 

I'm here because for the first time (in a decade!!) making an update with Vuze, I was not confident that I could not deselect additional software.

I'm not prepared to take the chance. 

"Show me evidence otherwise please!"

To be able to prove this, I would have to take my chances with the installer; and that is exactly what I object to.

Just look at your own installer.   You have a non-standard approach, two options but its unclear if the second option will refrain from installing additional software.  Then u have tick boxes kind of swarming around the second option and it looks like it would change your homepage if checked wether you choose to install the additional software or not.

As I say its not clear and its up to you to fix it, not me to provide evidence.

The only previous contact I had with a developer was when I asked how to get back the classic interface, and they told me how and I was happy.  I've been using your program for years and if u can't get me to update then you have a problem with getting new users to install.

The only evidence I was thinking of providing is a screenshot, but what would be the point in that?  U must be fully aware of what your own updater looks like. 

What I am saying is that if you deselect the offers then they won't get installed and you can complete the installation. You claim that you can't complete the install without accepting the offers:

"I really hope u can make the installer continue when u select not to install your partner software"

Vuze is free software but it isn't created by magical pixies that come around at night when nobody's is home and fix bugs/add features. Amazon also doesn't give free hosting for the various Vuze services. DNS providers don't just give us, SSL certificate authorities don't hand over certs for free. It is an unfortunate fact that we need money to survive.

You can always download the 5600 .jar file from

but make sure you avert your eyes from their adverts and potential download-wrapping installer software.
So, a quick recap here:

Vuze introduces a new Library right click context menu interface dubbed Fancy Menu.

The update comes with an option to disable this new interface and use the old one.
However, this option is currently broken; you can uncheck the option to use the new Fancy Menu, but if you reopen the setting menu, it resets back to checked again.

Fortunately, this problem is fixed since Vuze B03.
If you need to disable the Fancy Menu right away, you can do so by entering the Beta Program to get the beta version of the latest Vuze, and turn off the Fancy Menu at Settings > Interface > Tables > Library > Show Fancy Menu.

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