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I have been using the same torrent site for over a year and have never had any problems downloading from it. Since installing (and then BETA in an attempt to fix the problem) some of the files I am attempting to download simply refuse to download from the main seeds and only occassionally load from the peers (at a very slow speed). Most of the files I am trying to download have between 9 and 20 seeds and yet there are 0 seeds available.

I still have no trouble downloading most files, but several files are having the same problem. In the popup information I am seeing the following message:

Abandoned attempt to merge files: (followed by a list of all the files I am attempting to download)

I reiterate that I have NEVER had this problem since joining the site over 12 months ago and it has only started since I accepted the update.

I have another PC with VUZE on it and when I try one of these files on that PC I get 5 of the 12 seeds come online immediately and the file starts downloading at around 1mb/s yet on 5.6.0 I get 0 seeds available....

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Perhaps your site has not yet authorized Vuze 5.6 on their tracker - check the 'sources' tab for error messages
I am downloading lots of files from that site without issue with multiple seeds at high speed.

The problem appears to affect XXX files the most as to date only one non XXX file has been affected.

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