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Thread: PS3 and Vuze Suddenly can't find each other!

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PS3 and Vuze Suddenly can't find each other!
Posted: Dec 8, 2010 2:57 AM
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Hi to all,

OK I have a question to ask which may have been asked before but I did look through old posts and I didnt see it so I'm sorry if this is a duplicate.

Right I have using Vuze for over a year now to stream videos to my Playstation 3 through devices, I have never had a problem until a couple of weeks ago when my router coughed and died. No biggy so I phoned my very nice ISP and asked them for a new router which they agreed to and promptly did. So few days later I get my new router, I spent a hour or so setting it up and all my devices, I did all the port-forwarding and firewall settings for my PS3 and Vuze e.t.c...
And it all worked fine... UNTIL... I realised that Vuze is no longer appearing on my PS3! I thought maybe it was to do with the fact I had a new router, so on the devices where it said PS3 and iTunes I clicked remove device (PS3) and then restarted Vuze and tried searching for it to re-add it. But I didn't find it :-\
Since then I have scanned the net trying to find an answer why, I have had people tell me to re-setup my network from scratch which I have done... didn't work! Completely uninstall Vuze then re-install it again and turn on devices again which I have tried.... didn't work!

I am now completely lost it's driving me nuts I just can't find a reason why! Can someone please please help me, I can provide any necessary info please just ask.

A huge thank you in advance :-) Cheers everyone.

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Re: PS3 and Vuze Suddenly can't find each other!
Posted: Dec 8, 2010 11:26 AM   in response to: euphoria4949 in response to: euphoria4949
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hi don't know if this helps or not but when my vuze and direct tv boxes see each other but will not let my files play then i have to shut down my directtv box all the way like unplug it and then it works when it gets through doing its update like it resees my connection again.

didn't see you state that so i just thought i would throw it out.
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