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Thread: Winrar Auto Extract Plugin! Does it excist?

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Winrar Auto Extract Plugin! Does it excist?
Posted: Nov 13, 2008 5:26 AM
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I'm looking for a plugin which can auto extract my downloadet torrents... (Usually Movies... And 90 pieces of 50mb RAR-files)

I have so far found some some auto extraction program, which can run in the background.
"See and Be" and "Unpacker" But they both don't work! - Ya okay they work, but not wery well... Both programs cannot remember which archives they already have extracted!! So the programs are just extractning the files over and over again, until i manually delete the archives myself! Very annoying!
The only possibility is to let the program "Auto-delete" the archives when it's done with the extraction! But that's not very smart... specially if you still are seeding and torrent - And suddenly the program delete the archive when it's done extracting it!!

So is there a clever plugin for Azureus / Vuze for handling this task??
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