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Thread: Slow Torrent Downloads

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Slow Torrent Downloads
Posted: Mar 19, 2009 8:29 PM
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Hello, I'm a first time poster who is semi-literate about Vuze settings and computer networking. My Internet connection speed (through Time Warner Cable) is pretty good (5 Mbps), but I frequently download torrents at a much slower rate than the "average" download speed of others (based on the "swarm speed" reported in Vuze).

Before I give you the specifics for a particular torrent that I'm receiving far-below-average download speed on, let me explain what I've done so far based on the tutorial posts on the message boards. My computer specifications are contained at the very end of the post.

Earlier today I visited the forums and read diagnostic information about curing NAT problems. Essentially what I did was change the default port in Vuze, then added the port to the exceptions list for my firewall (Windows) and router (Linksys WRT54GL). This has resulted in the "yellow" face being replaced with a "green" face, and it seems like other torrent users can now contact me. Still, I'm having very slow performance.

The torrent I am downloading has 65 seeders and about 1300 leechers. I know this is FAR from an ideal seed-to-leecher ratio, but the average download speed of other users is 48 kbps. I'm downloading at 1 kbps. It shows me connected to 4 seeds (with 83 in the swarm) and 44 peers (1456 in the swarm). I should reiterate that it is quite common for me to experience this drastic difference between the reported average download rate and my personal download rate for torrents.

What can I do to increase this download speed?


Vista 64 Home Premium
Q6600 Processor
5 Mbps connection
Linksys router WRT54GL

Java 1.6.0_07
Azureus/Vuze V4.1.0.4 az3
Windows Vista Firewall
Using router with NAT, ports are forwarded in router and in firewall (UDP/TCP in both)
Wired connection

Anyone who can help me, thanks so much. If you need more information or need me to do something and try to see if it works, I'm willing to do whatever. Any time you spend helping me will NOT be wasted on my end. Thanks!

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Since posting this question, I have read some information about ISPs cockblocking torrent downloads. Though my ISP isn't on the list of problem children, I have learned that it sometimes does some stuff to hinder torrent downloads anyway. I have now enabled RC4 transport encryption, allowing non-encrypted connections if an encrypted connection fails and non-encrypted incoming connections. My download rate has increased now to about 7 kB/s. That's still pretty low. Where should I go from here?


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Re: Slow Torrent Downloads
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 12:25 AM   in response to: Crosstalker in response to: Crosstalker
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The good part of your message is that you have reached green smileys, as then you know that ISP is not blocking ports or anything like that. The basic network settings are ok.

As you say, encryption may also help, if ISP is throttling.

The slow speed may be temporary, as torrent speeds fluctuate a lot. Or then there is some throttling. I know that some ISPs use delays that after they spot P2P traffic, the speed is slowed for x hours. If that is true with you, then it might correct later if the encryption masks the nature of your traffic.

But you should test speeds with balanced well-seeded torrents with lots of seeds and peers. That would give better view than that skewed 80/1400 torrent.

You might also test your real speeds e.g. with
Upload speed has a major impact also downloads, especially in such weakly-seeded torrents.

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Re: Slow Torrent Downloads
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 10:35 AM   in response to: Crosstalker in response to: Crosstalker
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Thanks! Is there any reason why I can only connect to a certain number of seeds? For example, I see more than 200 seeds in the swarm but I'm connected only to 3 or 4. Wouldn't it be faster if I could connect to more seeds? I guess I lack a basic awareness of how the torrent sharing scheme works.

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Re: Slow Torrent Downloads
Posted: Mar 20, 2009 11:53 AM   in response to: Crosstalker in response to: Crosstalker
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Typically you limit all your connections in Vuze to something like 200-300, as otherwise you waste too much bandwidth for protocol clutter.

In normal situations, the seed/peer ratio to which you connect, should roughly match the torrent's general seed/peer ratio.
I have noticed that in many cases peers are better to connect into, especially if you have wide upload bandwidth, as bittorrent clients prefer others peers who upload.

You might read section B of my Guide for general discussion on monitoring torren speeds:

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Re: Slow Torrent Downloads
Posted: Jun 3, 2009 5:53 AM   in response to: Crosstalker in response to: Crosstalker
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For a week, I experienced extremely slow transfer speeds after increasing the upload and download transfer rates and queue sizes under Options. The issue was resolved by setting the transfer speeds using the drop-down from Vuze icon in the lower-right corner.
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