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Thread: How to change the language on Azureus?

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How to change the language on Azureus?
Posted: May 25, 2008 5:46 PM
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Seems a dumb question but I realy have problems with that. For some unknown reason (probably becouse I'm in Israel) the front page of Azureus is in Hebrew version. Strange as it seems, the buttons on the top (paralel to "files", "tools" etc) do not open same menus as I read here they should open in English. Like when I want to move the runing files to different adress/directory, after I klick on "View" -->-->> "advanced I should see "files" -> 'move data files". Well, I do not see such options.

Is there a possibility, a way, to change the language while downloading a movie or I should wait till the download is complete and only then uninstal and instal again Azureus? And How do I chose then the English - I don't remember ever been asked wich language I preffer during the instalation.

O, yeah, and another even dumber question. question, as a first time user. I choosed to download this particular movie from The Pirate bay. Once the download started can I close (not minimize, just close it) the page of the Pirate bay, or I should keep it open so not to break the connection?.

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Re: How to change the language on Azureus?
Posted: May 26, 2008 2:26 AM   in response to: grafara in response to: grafara
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Language can be changed at Tools>Options>Interface>Language
You can change it at any time. It will not affect a download.

The move data files option is not in the View>Advanced menu. There are two ways to see this option.
One is to right-click the torrent and select Advanced>Files>Move Data Files
The other is to enable "Show the torrents menu" at Tools>Options>Interface>Display and highlight the torrent and then the torrent menu will show the same options as a right-click on the torrent. So it would be Advanced>Files>Move Data Files as above.

No you do not need to leave the web page open. Once the torrent is active the communication is done through the tracker.

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Re: How to change the language on Azureus?
Posted: Aug 9, 2008 10:08 AM   in response to: jeffw224 in response to: jeffw224
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This was helpful, regarding language, except that this isn't a total fix. Perhaps it's one for the bug forum.

The buttons and some of the Options are still in the downloaded language. Under the Torrents heading in Options, as well as other subheadings, I still have original download language. Also, for example, in the search field, the downloaded language is there in shadow. The tabs are also still in original downloaded language. :-(

It's clever to that they figure out where your location is when you download, it's a pity they assume the language you prefer. Business travel, semester abroad, vacation, immigration, ever heard of any of these? Luckily for us English speakers we can manage to live in many countries without ever learning the native language. Too bad the software industry hasn't figured this out yet!

Unfortunately, it's really frustrating, many a downloaded software behave the same way, not very savvy!

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Re: How to change the language on Azureus?
Posted: Aug 9, 2008 8:41 PM   in response to: NinjaBitch in response to: NinjaBitch
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What happens if you re-set the language, as described in 'Read Before Posting'? Direct link:

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Re: How to change the language on Azureus?
Posted: Aug 10, 2008 12:19 AM   in response to: Washii in response to: Washii
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That IS what happened when I reset the language.

First I downloaded in German, not by choice. Everything was in German. Then I reset the language to English and what I said above. I've closed the application and opened it again and still see German.

(I hadn't posted this as a question rather a comment, which is why I posted a proper question/request/suggestion under the other forum heading. Sorry for the forum faux pas.)
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