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Thread: Few questions

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Few questions
Posted: May 28, 2008 9:43 AM
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Question 1:
How would I go about disabling DHT? I have gone through the settings multiple times and couldn't find anything on the wiki.

Question 2:
How can I set it so that 1 torrent can be downloading but a finished download seeding? Usually nothing will downloading while a finsihed torrent is seeding. I would like only 1 downloading and 1 seeding torrent.

Question 3:
Is it possible to set Vuze to load on the Advanced tab? I'm not interested in anything except my downloading torrent.


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Re: Few questions
Posted: May 28, 2008 1:58 PM   in response to: symptomfinger in response to: symptomfinger
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1.) Tools -> Options -> Connection
'Peer Sources' section.
Uncheck 'Decentralized tracking'

However, why do you want to shut it off? DHT can be very useful, and all the private sites that 'require' you to shut off DHT are wrong, or they aren't setting the 'private' flag correctly, which is their problem (the private flag keeps the torrent from being shared over DHT).

2.) Tools -> Options -> Queue
You may need to fiddle with some of the numbers to get 1:1 (unfinished:finished) to work exactly. Just try to get a 1+ ratio on whatever you're seeding.
I would suggest setting Max Torrents to either 2 or 3, Max Simultaneous Downloads to 1.

Just remember, if you aren't properly seeding the torrents, then Azureus will bypass some of this to get your ratio up.

3.) If you're totally not interested in the Vuze content, you can switch to the Classic UI from Azureus 2.5 and below.
Tools -> Options -> Interface -> Start
Check 'Start in Advanced View (AZ 2.x)'

If you want something otherwise, you may have to wait for somebody else to answer. I don't use the Vuze UI at all.
However, experimenting with the 'View' menu may help as well.
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