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Subject Author Forum Modification Date
Inconsistent Open Error kend0g187 Community Open Support Mar 13, 2014
Open Torrent Options - I want *ONE* dialog box for MULTIPLE torrents. Why? HotStuff2 Community Open Support Oct 8, 2013
How to disable Open Torrent Options popup? jegaggin Community Open Support Aug 30, 2013
Please help! Can open Vuze on my mac after clicking the upgrade option. BumbleDJ Community Open Support Aug 29, 2013
HD Media Player Plassoy Community Open Support Jun 24, 2013
Vuze not allowing "Open" command Recaro411 Download / Connection Problems Apr 10, 2013
Set Magnet link to open in Vuze - Mac - Safari - want to keep uTorrent russelmessick Community Open Support Sep 30, 2012
Open Torrents dialogue box doesn't open zoeyjusko Community Open Support Feb 15, 2012
My Vuze Won't Open- Only bounces in the dock tounne92 Community Open Support Jan 21, 2012
Re: Vuze won't start up (Mac 10.7) blumtnguy Community Open Support Jan 6, 2012
Xbox and Vuze connecting fine but when i click a video it.... romulus2230 Community Open Support Sep 26, 2011
*URGENT* Xbox and vuze connecting but when i click on a video it wont open? romulus2230 Devices Sep 26, 2011
Internet Connectivity is dropped when Vuze is opened. thejorge Download / Connection Problems Jun 11, 2011
Possible To 'Open File' By Default - Double Clicking A Completed Torrent? RogerTheDodger Community Open Support May 24, 2011
Vuze can't open .torrent files in windows explorer if it's already running. dazzler1234 Community Open Support Feb 14, 2011
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