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Thread: Hanging, Freezing, and Failure to initialize problems with Vuze

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Hanging, Freezing, and Failure to initialize problems with Vuze
Posted: Nov 27, 2008 7:39 AM
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I have an Asus M2N-E Mobo with an AMD Athlon 64X2 chip running WinXP Home SP3 (all updates loaded) on 4GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM with no virtual RAM swap file. I have a 200 GB HDD partitioned into two drives. The video card is a Nvidia 7400 using legacy ForceWare Drivers because of software compatability reasons. It is connected to two monitors. My Internet Connection is an unregulated DSL line with approxamately 1.5 Mb DL and 384 Kb Up.

Vuze has the following plugins installed; 3D View, Advanced Statistics (Normally Off), Cubit Search, Mainline DHT, Network Status and Monitor, Ono, and Log View. I used to have Safepeer installed. I'll explain below.

I had been using Vuze regularly overnight with Folding@Home set to use 85% of my 64bit dual core CPU. Then within the last week/week and a half I had been occasionally waking up and finding that Vuze had hung and stopped downloading or seeding. Otherwise Vuze seemed to work fine but had to be restarted to work properly.

I had attributed it to the ~150 torrents I have cued up because of a couple of bouts of illness which I used vuze to download media torrents for entertainment and several major software releases that I chose to torrent (not to mention the backlog I have yet to download). A few days ago I decided to upload many of these files before I downloaded more.

Then things got really bad last night. I am home (ironically sick again) and last night Vuze would randomly Freeze, Hang and Crash over and over until I rebooted and it would behave for a while. This is when I noticed that Vuze had updated to and that reminded me Java updated recently too. While I wasn't finding anything that seemed like my problem, a notice came up on the Vuze client saying I should stop usinging SafePeer and start using the built in functionality.

From the time I did that things got worse. I started to notice that when Vuze had its problems my CPUs were at about 85% processing power. Starting up the client took an order of magnitude longer to start and display things.

I tried downloading a new copy of the installer and installed it with the settings intact. It somewhat stableized tha program so I could send a chat to my freind ask him if he was having problems. Late last night It hung again and I restarted it and two things happended. I got a response from my freind and I got a new error as Vuze started up.

My freind wrote to me that he wasn't having the same problems as me, he just was having problems getting the program to "initialize" on start. Lo and behold that was the error I just got, and most of the interface was missing. The pop up read something allong the lines of "GTI+ failied to initilize on start, files missing, SWT".?? /idunno.

When I tried to copy the error details it froze Vuze.

This is when I decided to uninstall all the Java updates on my machine, download a new copy of Java 1.6.10 and install it.

Right now it is working but it is underpreforming its usual umph and is interacting a bit slower than usual.

Any Ideas whats going on and how do I fix it?!?

Right before I reinstalled it, not only would vuzes interface lock up, but it would also lock up the interface of System Explorer, a task manager replacement.

After letting it run while I slept, the program hung again. I should also mention that when I leave my machine running I lock it down so you have to log in to get back in.

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