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Vuze not finding torrents
My main drive crashed, so I had to re-install Vuze on the new hard drive. I am trying to locate torrents of recent titles and for the most part, no matter what I type in, I either get a few completely unrelated hits or I get most of a page of hits for "Pioneer One". On the old drive, I had no problem but even torrents for things I found on the old drive are not appearing.
I'm assuming that there is something improperly set in the settings, but for the life of me I can't find anything concerning search parameters.
Help would be gretly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
I use Vuze in Azureus mode (Classic interface) so I'm assuming that you are using a search function within the default Vuze GUI itself or are you referring to "Swarm Discoveries"?

Did you do a configuration backup and if so, did you restore your config data and torrents from a backup.  (backups should be kept on another drive/usb stick)

Do all other functions of Vuze seem to operate as normally expected?

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