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Recent Update
I've been a loyal Vuze user since the Azureus days. I've watched the giant adds, sighed at the misdirecting installation which blatantly attempts to fool users into installation of additional software, and have stayed true to a piece of software I used to enjoy (and at one time prior to the shady tactics, considered paying for plus).

That said, today I updated to a recent version that popups had been alerting me to for a while now. I unchecked the crap in the installer and somehow still ended up with malicious software installed by this piece of software.

This is both unsettling and unacceptable. Can anyone shed some light on how good ol' PC Cleaner Pro showed up after installation without any warning? I'm 99% sure that I'll be switching clients and spending my premium money with another service, but I figured I should check with the community before jumping ship after so many years.
Goodbye, that God bless your way.

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