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Help required: Speed schedule and tags.
Hi there,

I am on OSX and I have a problem setting up a speed limit. I already came on this forum before to ask but i cannot find my previsou post, and it is a shame because the answer was there... I only remember that i needed to use tags.
Here is what i would like:
From 08:00 to 19:50 Upload Speed 10. Download Speed: 500
From 19:50 to 00:10 No upload No download
From  00:10 to 08:00 Full Speed

Thanks for your precious help.
OK, I did more "unfortunate digging".

I copied that into Schedule and Settings After creating the profiles Priority and NormalSpeed
daily NormalSpeed from 08:30 to 19:50
daily Priority from 00:30 to 7:00
daily pause_all from 19:51 to 00:30

But i remember why i also needed the tags. Because sometime, whenever i want, i need a fast priority download...

Please help

#3  ?

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