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Cannot restore from archive torrents sent there in beta 24
Playing around with the new features in beta 24 I had a bunch of torrents auto archive themselves. I restored most of them, but I have a few that refuse to be restored. I deleted every manual tag to ensure that it was not a condition hiding on one of them that was causing it. That did allow me to restore more, but there are still a small number that will not allow themselves to be restored. There is a 'but' here, because the 'Restored' tag reappears, suggesting the torrent is being restored and immediately going back into archive although the 'archive date' continues to be 2am November 16. Somthing else I noted is that these torrents should all have had manual descriptive tags 'TV', 'DVD' etc. but they are all gone. The older torrents in the archive still have these tags and when I restore them the tags get added back to my list. How else might a condition get attached to these torrents and how might I try to remove it?
Do you see anything in the Console when you attempt to restore these misbehaving ones? If you haven't turned on logging you need to go to Tools->Options->Logging before opening the console (Tools->Console) - you don't need to enable 'log to file', just logging.
The .dat files were missing from the dlarchive directory. I copied them in from the backup. Thank you.

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