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Can Only do one download at a time
Hi All,

Never had a problem with many versions of Vuze on many systems over the years.

Bought a new Asus I7, Windows 8, installed latest Vuze, kick off a few downloads, but will by default only download one at a time
Have tried start all transfers, no luck.
Do a FORCE START on all entries in queue and they start ....
Queue set to 6 

Can't just be me can it ?


what's your 'max active downloads' set to?
Hi Parg, Thanks for your reply .....

Mmmm sorry do u mean "Max active torrents" ?
Set to 6

I'll try 0:Unlimited see what happens ...
Strange, just set to 0 and all started torrents started IMMEDIATELY !

PS Just a quick FYI I did a TOOLS > SPEED LIMITS > CLEAR CURRENT LIMITS prior which made no effect
(12-08-2014, 08:44 AM)'stewartlees' Wrote: Excellent ! Solved my problem instantly. Diolch.


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